Kemaskini JAWS 17.0.2619 dikeluarkan

Sehari sebelum kemaskini Windows 10 diperkenalkan, pihak Freedom Scientific telah mengeluarkan kemaskini terbaru JAWS, iaitu JAWS 17.0.2619. Apabila versi JAWS ini digunakan pada versi baru Windows 10 yang bakal dikeluarkan, JAWS berkebolehan untuk memberitahu Windows agar tidak menggunakan Microsoft Edge sebagai pelayar utama apabila Cortana search digunakan. Sebaliknya jika perisian JAWS sedang berjalan, segala carian melalui Cortana pada Windows 10 akan dipaparkan menggunakan pelayar web yang ditetapkan sebagai pelayar asal oleh pengguna Windows 10. Perubahan ini tidak akan berfungsi pada versi Windows 10 yang ada sekarang.

Selain itu, versi terbaru ini turut memperbaiki beberapa masalah yang dialami oleh pengguna JAWS pada aplikasi Windows Live Mail, Microsoft Outlook 2013 dan keatas, serta Internet explorer 11. Berikut merupakan senarai perubahan yang dipetik daripada laman web Freedom Scientific.

Enhancements in JAWS 17.0.2619 (August 2016)

The following is a list of improvements made between the JAWS 17 July 2016 release and the August 2016 update.

  • Beginning with the Windows 10 Anniversary Edition released by Microsoft in August 2016, when JAWS starts, it now tells Windows 10 that you are using JAWS and asks Windows to avoid forcing you into Edge when searching the web using Cortana. As a result, Cortana web searches will instead be done using the default browser you have specified in Windows 10. This JAWS change will have no impact in prior Windows 10 releases.
  • You can now use contracted braille input when typing in the Windows 10 Search edit box as well as in the edit fields in many Modern apps including the Windows 10 Mail app.
  • Resolved a customer reported issue where extraneous information was being spoken by JAWS when opening a message in Windows Live Mail.
  • Addressed a customer reported issue with the SayTaskBar script not working as expected.
  • Resolved a reported issue where JAWS was not correctly reading form fields on certain web pages in Internet Explorer 11.
  • Addressed a reported issue where pressing keys on a braille display were sometimes triggering unexpected actions in various applications.
  • When focused on a calendar appointment in Outlook 2013 and later, pressing INSERT+F1 now displays screen-sensitive help specific to the calendar as expected. In addition, pressing INSERT+CTRL+D now works as expected to announce the current date.
  • When using the ALT+NUMBER ROW keystrokes to read the contents of the various fields in a meeting request in Outlook 2013 and later, resolved an issue where the field content was not matching the prompt.
  • Resolved an issue where the command to move focus to the results field in the Windows 10 calculator (INSERT+CTRL+D) could not be found using the JAWS Command Search.

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